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Complete range of modular Kaser drip tips

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Winger 810 Pack

The Winger pack 810 is a drip tip design for all atty with 810 connexion. Inside :  4 Bases 4 short heads 4 Curved heads Each part is made of 4 different materials: Stainless Steel / Black Delrin / PMMA / Ultem This pack allows you to have 4 complete drip tips and 32 custom possibilities (as on the pictures above)


Winger Pack

The Winger is a drip tip design for all atty with 510 connexion. Parts : 1 base SS, 1 base Black Delrin, 1 head Ultem, 1 head Black and 1 head Clear (PMMA Frosted)


Winger MTL Head Pack

The MTL Head Pack is an add-on for Winger Pack 2019. The pack includes 5 curved Heads, and offer you 10 more possibilities for your Winger. Parts : 5 heads ( ULTEM, Clear, SS, Black & White)